Carole Franck Historical Account

Renowned throughout the entire world as a leader in the field of aromatherapy, Carole Franck started out her career as an aesthetician.
In 1975 she decided to create her own line of beauty products, ever anxious to push onwards and upwards.
In 1977 she was awarded the silver medal by the Academy of Arts Science and Letters for her work.
All this was soon to result in the creation of a laboratory (Houilles) and a Training Centre (Paris).
The name Carole Franck was within a very brief period of time overstepping all boundaries and was very soon to become synonymous with beauty, with the result that it became established in over 57 countries, including: Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Spain and Canada.
In France, there are more than 500 institutes acting as selling agents for the trademark.
Carole Franck did not stop at that, she trained over 5,000 professionals in her techniques in France and throughout the world.
In 1981, she devised and introduced the Lasting Make-up concept for eyebrows and lip contours, by creating her own technique, her own exclusive pigments and all the necessary materials.
(Inspired by the empirical techniques of ancient China)
1991 saw the birth of THE BEAUTY CENTER “putting into action the results of all the beauty care treatments through electro acupuncture”.
Carole Franck has devoted her enthusiasm, her energy and all her knowledge to the development of revolutionary products and techniques, thus enabling beauty technicians to become increasingly more professional and successful within their companies.

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Soothing Cleansing Eye Lotion / Lotion Yeux Apaisante Démaquillante - 125mL

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Sydney based Advanced Beauty Australia (previously R&G Aromatherapy Pty Ltd) was established in March 2006 specifically for the purpose of handling the Carole Franck agency exclusively Australia-wide. We are also the only authorized Carole Franck online store.