Highly Active Caviar Serum / Sérum Suractif Marin 3x5ml


Highly Active Marine Serum with elements of amino acids and peptides.

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Highly Active Caviar Serum

This marine extract, obtained from sturgeon (caviar) eggs and lump eggs, can be considered a real revitalizing cocktail. It contains the same vital substance as the skin does; its main elements of the composition are amino acids and peptides:

  • They are similar to the skin moisturizing factor.
  • Nutritional supplements and cell regeneration.Rich in minerals and algae ingredients have catalytic functions, after penetration into the skin to become biochemical enzyme and allow cells to produce a variety of effects.


  • Relieve and soothing the upper layer of the epidermis.
  • Increased the hydration and moisture rate.
  • Nutritional supplements and to promote cell’s metabolism.
  • Formulated without perfume.


15 mL

Suitable for
Suitable for tired, dull, uneven skin tone, sagging and wrinkled skin.

Direction for use
Night use after removing all makeup. Pour 15 drops of Highly Active Caviar Serum into the palm of your hand and apply on the whole face by using a light massage. For a better result add 4 drops of ESSENCIA RAFFERMISSANT

particular attention to the crow’s feet, neck and decollete areas. Then apply your usual night cream. Used as 3 weeks cure.

Key ingredients

Sturgeon (Caviar) & Lumps Eggs Extract

It is a complex of Marine natural origin, obtained by biolysis from fish eggs (caviar and fish from the Atlantic Ocean).

Amino Acids & Peptides

The constituent fractions of Serum Suractif Marin are fully found in the human epidermis and dermis: Amino acids and Peptides, major components of the epidermis and the dermis, hence their interest:
” as analogous elements to epicutaneous hygroscopic substances.

” as nutritive and regenerating elements of living epidermal cells.

Mineral Elements & Oligo-Elements

Have a catalyst action, by intervening as coenzymes in a multitude of cellular reactions.


Improves the superficial skin microrelief, is an epicutaneous, hydro-retaining, moisturize, contributes to nutrition and skin regeneration.

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